We The Consumers

     Instead of some sort if introduction that will be archived with this post in time. I would much rather give you an ongoing look into my thoughts and feelings, and through what i can expect to be ramblings at best you can learn who I am.

     So I’m watching TV earlier and see a commercial that made me think about how we have evolved as a society. In this add, we are asked to invest in a “new stock.” One that will pay huge dividends but with no direct monetary value. Now with the information I’ve just given and without knowing the exact value of said dividends, how many of us would invest? Few if any, and that my friends is what got the hamster spinning on his wheel. 

     As a society we have become so focused on not just how to make a dollar but how fast we can make that dollar. Along the way we’ve lost sight of some important values I think. Like when did we stop doing things just to improve quality of life. Yes, we can and do invest thousands of dollars into our homes, thus improving our quality of life. But in turn that ups the resale value and now we’re just getting into some antics (bahahah, yes that joke just happened in my head). By now you’re thinking to yourself like I was, ” When was the last time i did something when personal gain wasn’t a factor?” And like me, when you stop on a memory of a decision you made, you start tracing your motives. Don’t over think this. As cliche’ as this might sound, we are products of our society.

     In this commercial our society chose to use a marketing strategy that refers to our children and their college education as “stocks” and “dividends.” Why? Because that is what has become most receptive to, and sadly we are ultimately viewed as consumers. Here’s the rub. We created this society and how we evolve into something more than consumers is up to us!



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