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We The Consumers

     Instead of some sort if introduction that will be archived with this post in time. I would much rather give you an ongoing look into my thoughts and feelings, and through what i can expect to be ramblings at best you can learn who I am.

     So I’m watching TV earlier and see a commercial that made me think about how we have evolved as a society. In this add, we are asked to invest in a “new stock.” One that will pay huge dividends but with no direct monetary value. Now with the information I’ve just given and without knowing the exact value of said dividends, how many of us would invest? Few if any, and that my friends is what got the hamster spinning on his wheel. 

     As a society we have become so focused on not just how to make a dollar but how fast we can make that dollar. Along the way we’ve lost sight of some important values I think. Like when did we stop doing things just to improve quality of life. Yes, we can and do invest thousands of dollars into our homes, thus improving our quality of life. But in turn that ups the resale value and now we’re just getting into some antics (bahahah, yes that joke just happened in my head). By now you’re thinking to yourself like I was, ” When was the last time i did something when personal gain wasn’t a factor?” And like me, when you stop on a memory of a decision you made, you start tracing your motives. Don’t over think this. As cliche’ as this might sound, we are products of our society.

     In this commercial our society chose to use a marketing strategy that refers to our children and their college education as “stocks” and “dividends.” Why? Because that is what has become most receptive to, and sadly we are ultimately viewed as consumers. Here’s the rub. We created this society and how we evolve into something more than consumers is up to us!


Getting started and staying focused…well trying to at least

I recently got my first freelance job! Super excited about that, this is a great chance to prove my skills and get a little bit of professional writing experience under my belt. I’ve got 10 articles due in 7 days. This is day 2 and so far I’ve turned in 2 articles. I’m a little behind schedule though, this weekend is my grandpas birthday and my baby shower! Yay! So my goal is to have them turned in by Friday. I should have had 3 turned in by now and I still need to complete 2 more today! My problem is staying focused! I feel like there is so much to do! Not only do I have to do research, take notes, organize my thoughts and get them all out and completed, I also really need to get this blog going and all that entails. Which is another really long list of things to do! All of this on top of trying to get this house organized. We just moved..again..and into my grandmothers unoccupied house. Needless to say even with as big as her house is, all of her junk and all of our junk makes for a packed full place! Then there’s just the every day being a mom to a 4 year old and an 11 month old on top of being pregnant. I’m getting wore out just thinking about it lol. Let’s hope I complete my list of goals today. If I do this won’t be the only post to make it on here before it’s time for bed!


Life in general


Hi everyone! First I would like to take the time to say thanks for checking out our blog and even though it is brand new please stay tuned to see what we have to share. I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Brittany. I am obviously a young mom, 23 years young to be exact, and new wifey trying just like everyone else to find my place in this world. If you are anything like me once you woke up and realized ‘hey I’m an adult now,’ you took back immediately all those times you wished in high school you were just grown up already. To be honest, life is hard. I started my adulthood out like what seems like most girls these days do, as a mother.

I got pregnant at 18 and had my very first beautiful girl, Sophie Loraine, at age 19. Fortunately for the both of us my daughter’s co creator decided that his time to exit the picture was before my baby made her appearance. That is a story for another time perhaps. I then decided I was not going to be just another statistic. I wasn’t going to sit back and live off the government and depend on the next guy that happened along to be my, for lack of a better term, ‘baby daddy.’ So I packed up what I could took my girl to start our life together. Luckily I have a mom who loves me unconditionally and welcomed us with open arms to help us get back on our feet. I still to this day could never thank her enough for that. So many parents are quick to judge and shame their children for making mistakes (my mistake being a poor judge in character and by no means by having my daughter, I thank God every day for that blessing) and while my mom is just as guilty of that she at least put that aside to do what was best for us. After Sophie was about 3 months old I decided that it was time to get in school and build that bright future we were out to discover, little did I know this was just the beginning of my learning experiences. I soon found out after 3 semesters that there was a reason I didn’t do well in high school and that transferred over to college. I have too short of an attention span to sit and be bored endlessly. So I decided to go back to work and start making money. Which landed me a long term position at a local Chili’s serving tables. So much for not being a statistic right? Well I can proudly say it didn’t take long before we had our very first apartment and I was paying all bills COMPLETELY MYSELF. No government assistance, just good old hard work and long hours. It was hard. Any single mom making it on their own can testify to that. But I learned more in that small period of time about myself and life than I had the whole 20 years before. It was then I promised my self and my daughter that I was going to become someone. I would make a difference in life and I wasn’t going to let any one stand in my way or tell me I couldn’t. Still working on that by the way. Anyways, fast forward 2 years now and I am proud to say that even though I have screwed up majorly several, several times in that period I have made it quite far. I have developed myself mentally and spiritually and have opened my eyes to this big world of possibilities. I am in a wonderful relationship with a man I could never live without we welcomed my second beautiful girl, Maddison (Maddi) Harper, in November of last year and I am about 8 weeks from delivering my 3rd child! It’s a boy! Cameron James is expected to be here right around Christmas time!

With that little life story summary done I’ll resume with the present. We have been through our fair share of ups and downs and absolute chaos since beginning our journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have grown so incredibly intertwined with each other through every stumble and climb. We are still figuring things out and trying to make it day by day to build the life we dream of for our family. I have a lot of goals and ambitions and I’m learning with each day how much hard work and dedication I will experience and I hope you join us as we make each success and fail.


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